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Virtual Counseling

Vidya HelpLine in association with IBM is now working towards developing virtual career counseling through kiosk that gives the user a glimpse of 40 different careers, scholarships, institutions etc. This kiosk, assuring a huge scale of bringing about awareness in students about the diverse education prospects, will be open for a pilot run in one Mandal and then eventually grow to a wider audience, the progress of which is already under way. Using Technology that assures a scale and ease of access definitely marks another milestone in Vidya HelpLine.

This effort is jointly led by IBM and VHL teams. Previously, with the support of IBM CSR community grant Vidya HelpLine has scaled up the tele counseling operations by procuring the state of art call center software which enabled the project to scale up from one line to six tele counseling.

We thank IBM volunteers and specially Mr Naveen Prathapaneni for continuous support and Mr. Jagan Mutyala for leading this novel endeavor as a full time volunteer


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