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Every Sachin to be a cricketer, Every Lata Mangeshkar to be a Singer!

With most of the students in rural India being the first generation learners, there is very minimal guidance/no guidance on how to continue their Education and what career opportunities are available for them to pursue. There are many students, especially in rural areas, who are not able to utilize the opportunities in government and private sector. There are equal number of opportunities as the number of people, But there is an exposure divide.

Vidya HelpLine, is a unique solution to bridge this knowledge divide in students and drop outs and help them make leaned career choices rather than ignorant ones.

Vidya HelpLine is one of the flagship projects of Nirmaan started in 2010 with a focus on career guidance to economically backward students and dropouts, especially from rural areas, enabling them to make effective educational and career choices thereby helping them achieve eventual economic empowerment. The project has supported about 2,00,000 students/dropouts and has been operational in the states of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Assam. The project has received various awards from organizations such as Vodafone, NASSCOM Foundation, US Consulate etc., with a theme of solving social problems innovatively through mobiles and technology.

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