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Career Counseling

Career workshops are outreach programs where the students are exposed to various career opportunities and are assisted in building their careers.

Goal Setting and Career Workshop is a face to face counseling wherein the counselors directly reach out to the students and inspire them to aspire for greater heights in life there by making them DREAM BIG. A huge spectrum of opportunities is then laid before them to choose. The purpose of conducting career workshop and Goal Setting workshop is to ensure that each and every student sets himself a goal not out of ignorance or need but out of interest and conscience.

It takes 3 Hours to conduct a workshop for about 60 students and each school. The Workshop includes personalized Career Baseline and end line, Inspirational session followed by exposure to hundreds of career options, scholarships, colleges etc., so that each student is able to choose a career and lay a career road map by himself/herself at the end of the session. Each student would also be provided a booklet, career chart, assessments etc., explaining about several courses / careers and scholarships.

So far 1,221 Career workshops have been conducted making 80,000 students Dream BIG!

The models have been a huge success in the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh and it has been replicated in the states of Odisha and Assam.

The objectives of these workshops are:

1. Goal setting
2. Importance of Dignity of Labor
3. Exposure to key career opportunities
4. Personalized career counseling-charting maps to the dream careers.

When a student walks into the center with his career at cross roads, VHL helps him make a better decision by himself. The students are guided and assisted by our Counselors. VHL helps the students reflect into his interests and choices, and present to them the plethora of career opportunities and personally take them through the career map for their dream career. It doesn’t just end here, but VHL also equips them with career aids like information on the government and free residential institutes and scholarships etc.

As a part of Personal Counseling, Vidya HelpLine provides personal guidance to the students at the center on aspects such as:

  • Career Counseling: Counselors of Vidya HelpLine personally attend to the apprehensive students, who are still in confusion about their career
  • Educational Scholarships: Our counselors explain and provide information about various scholarships like Indian Oil Scholarship, Mahindra Scholarship, Nirmaan Scholarship and more. The counselors also detail about how to apply, documents to be produced, etc.
  • Web-Counseling: Post the Competitive exams  results, Vidya HelpLine  assists aspiring students in utilizing the options of  web counseling, documents to be produced, and other details, enabling them to enroll in the educational course of their choice.

Youth counseling is a need of the hour for the local society. The purpose of counseling of unemployed youth is to promote and increase the employment potentialities, job retention, earnings & occupational skill improvement. Such task is tailored by the Nirmaan team to inform and guide the unemployed youth to make the better career. Youth unemployment is burgeoning in massive way and the employment opportunities are less, to embark upon is not a easy assignment but, the team is attempting to reduce the burden of youth, by counseling them about various opportunities such as enrollment in the training institute, search new jobs opening and reach the information to the excluded youth population, contacting various agencies which works with same cliche. As a result it improves the quality of the workforce, reduces welfare dependency and improves the productivity & preparing youth mentally to appear the interview.

Most of the government & non-governmental organizations are executing to develop the employability skill, work experience of the youth.

The team has adapted following strategies to reach the unemployed youth

  1. Focus group discussion
  2. Individual interaction
  3. Counseling at office
  4. Group Counseling
  5. Parents Counseling and House visit


  • To empower and financially stabilize unemployed youth by connecting and engaging them with various jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities.
  • To enhance the skills of unemployed youth by connecting them to training institutes and assist them till the completion of trainings and get ready for jobs.

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